How to Create a Logo for Your Blog

When you ever decide to start a blog, you have to conceptualize what your blog should be. Among the things you will consider are content, layout, color scheme and logo. You must develop your brand and when you do that, you consider every aspect of your blog. Logo is important because like any other logos of established companies, it becomes a representation of your blog. Another thing is that with logo on your blog, your site is perceived to be legit and trustworthy. It connotes professionalism and power branding.
While you can opt to just use a simple text for your name and a tagline, it is nice to have a custom logo. It has a power to draw readership and followers. Therefore, you might want to give it some effort.

You can hire someone to do it for you, but let me share with you several options where you can make the logo yourself and where you can see people who will do it for you.

Using Photoshop can be costly, but if you have access then you can use it to make your own blog logo. If not, you can try GIMP which is a photo editing tool. This is available on a Linux platform and it’s for free. If you have an idea on what your logo is going to be and you have a good eye for colours, I’m sure you can come up with a good one.

Urban Fonts
This is also a free source for custom logos. Font styles are numerous and you can set what colours to use.


In case you do not have the patience of photo editing then here is an option for you. Cooltext is an amazing site that can help you make text logos. You can play with the various fonts, colours and effects. This is a free site and you can have your logo in an instant. What is also nice is that it can create transparent logos if this is what you prefer.

If you do not have the patience to do the work, you can go to Fiverr. Fiverr is a big community and you can find people here who can do the job for you at a very affordable fee. It may not be as professional as you would want it to be but it’s acceptable and useable.

Just in case you get excited about going to this site, before you do a booking with a certain designer, make sure you have read reviews first. Just a little caution will not do you any harm.

If you are looking for a professional work, then this should be the place to check. You can avail of professional services here at reasonable prices. The turn-around time for orders is impressive. Having to pay around $27 is worth it. What is so cool is that you can have it revised until you become satisfied. I’ve tried this site and if I can remember it right, I requested 7 revisions for one order.

So, there you go. You now have an idea what to do and where to go to get that logo for your blog.

How Accounting Services Can Help Your Business

Starting your own business can be daunting. You worry about marketing, product or service sales, customer feedback, making a profit and, in the end, just keeping the doors open for business. You have so many things on your plate that you think it would be nice to delegate some of the responsibility, but can you really afford that luxury?


One thing that you could delegate is your accounting services. Yes, maybe you can handle this yourself, but do you have to? Here are some great reasons for hiring out your bookkeeping and how it can help your small business:

1. Saves you time.

Keeping up with invoices, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, insurance, taxes, profit tracking and debts-these are all services that can be performed by accounting services. That’s a lot of paperwork and even with great software, inputting the information and keeping track of all the numbers can take a major chunk out of your day.

2. Saves you money.

Yes, fees can be quite costly, but in the long run it can save you money. By having someone whose only job is to handle the books, you can keep tabs on how the business is doing more frequently than just when you can “find the time to do the books”.

Knowing daily or weekly what kind of numbers you are bringing in and in what areas allows you to divert your focus to areas that need better marketing sales. Knowing what needs work gives you the power to improve your business all around which increases the bottom line.

3. Protects you from mistakes.

An accounting service offers expertise in filing your businesses tax papers. Of course, before choosing a service, make sure they have certified CPAs or EAs so you know the work will be correct. Experience means no or fewer mistakes than if you did them yourself. Sure, you may know something about taxes, but small business tax filing can get complicated.

The last thing you want is to be audited by the IRS or have a lien put on your business to cover back taxes and penalties. And, even if the company does make a mistake, they should have some sort of coverage or guarantee to correct the mistake.

4. Keeps you organized.

Especially if you hire accounting services to handle all of your business paperwork, being organized is important. Being organized takes the time that you could use for doing something else. Maybe everything just piles up on the desk instead.

With a professional service, all of your paperwork will be filed away so that it makes sense and can easily be located. Even if the service is just temporary, they can set up a system for you which make payroll, timecards, vacation time, work schedules and employee records easy to reference.

Interview the company and know exactly what services you need. Do you just want your taxes done or do you want someone to work full-time and handle all of your paperwork? Verify the person’s credentials and make sure you trust them. Hiring accounting services can really make your life easier and help your small business grow as long as you know what you need.

Finally, any late or incorrect reporting of your finances will cost you money in the form of fines – you want to avoid this! By delegating the responsbility to someone else you can avoid costly late filing penalties and keep your profits mazimised.


I recommend ALL business owners have a rudimentary understanding of their preferred accounting tool (by the way mine is and keep their accounting records up to date, but when it comes to filing significant tax returns, I hope I’ve made you consider whether this is really the best use of your time).



Why You Should Consider Using Email Marketing for Your Business

Have you ever thought why you should be using email marketing in your business? There are numerous benefits to this strategy that I will outline.

Email Marketing

Email marketing offers an opportunity to market directly to your target audience. The cost of email marketing is relatively cheap when you look at how much exposure can generate for your company. Compared to traditional mailing techniques, email marketing is very cheap sometimes as little as a few pence per recipient. The opportunity to see a return on investment is vast, since with a small investment in email campaign software, you can easily create unique, elegant and efficient emails.
This method is relatively easy, as well as being effective. The skills required are virtually the same as writing an simple email. The personal touch is all that is needed when attempting to create a successful email campaign. In your experience, how frequently do you throw away leaflets, etc. received in your post? The majority of these offline marketing materials are obtrusive and easily ignored, and this is one of the reasons they end up in the bin. Once a customer has signed up to your email, the campaign tools make it simple to set them up an auto-respond feature, so they receive regular emails from you.


Regular contact with clients helps to build relationships, with regular updates such as monthly emails or updates you can quickly craft the feeling of trust. By providing useful information and helpful tips, you can even create repeated traffic and ultimately generate more sales for your company. Often successful campaigners have an assortment of various links ( blog, Twitter, Facebook etc.), so you feel inclined to have a quick look at what’s going on. Even if nothing is bought as a result of your email, many users will click through links or at least see the brand name and have a reminder of the brand’s existence.
A perfect example of email marketing working beautifully for me personally would have to be a couple of online clothing shops. These sites send out emails about every two weeks. The content of the email is essentially all sales related but the way the information is presented it appear as if it was merely recommendations from a friend. For example, let’s say some great new trainers had been the selling point of the email. Even if you were not personally interested in them, chances are you still clicked on a link and had a quick browse through their site. It helped to generate traffic for the site and remind you the brand is still in existence.


Email marketing can also be successfully utilized by Business-to-Business (B2B) companies. A great example of this is, a vendor account reconciliation tool for accounting departments to automate the manual aspects of their day to day work. The site has several different email capture routes – a free trial, a demo, a free reconciliation as well as a gated pricing page, allowing them to capture email addresses and follow up with their prospects using an autoresponder or even the phone if they want.


The success of this marketing campaign is very easily measurable. You can view some emails opened and also the click through rate (the number of people clicking on the links provided in the email.). What time the emails opened and how many times the emails began. This information can help you to target accurately specific areas of your business that would appeal to certain individuals and market towards them for future campaigns.
The amount of measurable data makes this much more valuable when compared to print-based campaigns. This marketing tool can reach thousands of people instantly worldwide. When used correctly and not abused Email marketing can be a fantastic tool to generate customer loyalty and spread the name of your business efficiently.

Business Ideas for the New Year

In this day and age, it is no longer necessary to have a physical business office to start running a business.  There are many businesses which are successful and are run online.  When you keep your business digital, you will save a lot in terms of overhead costs and with consumer behavior today, you will have every opportunity to engage your prospects through internet alone.  In other words, there is no excuse, here are some business ideas that you may find interesting.


  1. Be an SEO consultant. If you know how search engines operates and knowledgeable about Google analytics, you can make money out of it by running an SEO consultancy.  It is undeniable that SEO is a strategy businesses must employ to exploit the opportunities presented via the internet.
  2. Be a business coach. Should you have business experience, you can explore in becoming a business coach in order to help other budding entrepreneurs. You can build up your credibility by using professional networks like Linkedin.
  3. Be a specialized retailer. It is so easy to sell online especially with the various social platforms around. Think of something you can sell, you can choose to be a variety online shop or be a more specific retailer of particular products.  With the right web hosting service you can have an online store in no time.
  4. Be a social media consultant. Do you know that big companies hire people to manage their social media platforms?  If you have a strong background in this area, this is an option you might want to consider.  As a consultant, you can help your clients to maximize reach with the right tactics in their social media platforms.
  5. Be a web designer. If you know how to create functional and great looking websites, this could be a good business venture. With the skill in HTML and have a good judgment on what are good designs and bad designs, you will surely have clients coming in.
  6. Be a resume/cover letter writer. If you are good at writing and knows how to sell, there is no reason why you can’t compose a good resume and cover letter for applicants needing help on this aspect.

 So there you go, six business ideas to consider for a bright new year!

Welcome to the Blog!

welcome-41467_1280Since I’ve found my way around internet marketing and building websites, I’ve been continuously amazed by the things I am able to discover.  Being a businessman first among other things, it excites me to see the endless possibilities of running a business online.  The opportunity it offers are for us to harness.  I’ve had my ups and downs as I was just starting up but that was long ago gone.  I’ve seen how it works and learned the way around to making online business successful.

This blog will be all about sharing to you how I made my way,  it’s going to be interesting.  You will be learning a lot and I’m also looking forward to making new acquaintances whom I can share and discuss my views on how things should be.

As a self-made successful entrepreneur my philosophies are simple.

  1. Work hard.  Success doesn’t come easy because  it is a product of hard work.  Failing and succeeding are part of the game and  laziness has no room.  Keep on working at the same time never forget that part of working hard is learning.  Learn from your mistakes and  learn from others.
  2. Not all have the endurance to persevere.  A true businessman has the endurance and stamina to forge forward even things are going against him.  He never loses his sight because  he knows what he wants.  He plans, executes and achieves.
  3. Be patient. Patience is a virtue that can bring you to places.  When you persevere and have the patience to see results which may not come automatic, you will be able to see the fruits of your labour.  Sometimes when the road is going steep, you stop and turn your back.  You should move forward instead.  The view from the top is much better than the spot where you are right now. Persevere and be patient!
  4. Be ethical. Never compromise your work ethics to something unacceptable.  When you do business right, you’ll get results.  Don’t do shortcuts if it entails you to bend your values.
  5. Work-life balance. Work is always around,  it’s never ending.  You have to create a work-life balance.  It doesn’t mean it makes you less of a hardworking person.  You can’t appreciate your work when you do not know when to pause and live the fruits of your efforts.  Besides, you can’t accomplish much when you are always stressed out because ideas won’t flow.  So, schedule a break from a long week of work.

There you have it,  these five items should be part of your personal brand.

This is just the beginning because this blog will bring my philosophies to life.  You will be getting advices and many “how to” posts relating to entrepreneurship and e-marketing.  It’s going to be a fascinating journey that’s full of learning.  Who knows in the future, we can collaborate and build something exceptional? I am excited with the possibilities.  The World Wide Web is too vast but too small for people like us.  Let’s connect!

Welcome to my blog and I look forward to interacting with you.

My 5 Favourite Business Podcasts

podcastI love stories of successful people because they inspire me and get me excited.  Podcasts are definitely a superb source for these kind stories.  Here you can learn doable strategies you can also implement in your business and life in general.  It offers convenience as you can easily turn on for a podcast while commuting for office or home for example.  At least, this is what I do during my commute.

Podcasts are both informative and inspirational.  Let me share to you several podcasts that I personally think have been very enlightening and helpful.

Learning with Leslie is phenomenal.  It talks about advices for people who are thinking of starting and growing a business.  One particular podcast that I find very helpful was “How to Become Familypreneurs” by Patrick and Sarah South.  They shared how they decided and pursued their business leaving their 8-5 day jobs.  It’s full of amazing ideas which you and I can apply.  You must listen to this!

EntrepreneurOnFire keeps your fire going.  This was awarded as the 2013 Best of iTunes.  It is the idea of John Lee Dumas and what you can expect from his podcasts are everyday inspiration using the best insights of successful businesspeople like Tim Ferris, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuck, Barbara Corcoran and Guy Kawasaki. I love the episode by Sally Hogshead, “How to Fascinate”

Curlbox is uplifting.  This is founded by Myleik Teele which is a subscription service exclusively for curly hair merchandise.  She shares her business genius to a 20 minute podcasts.  Topics range from time management, dating and money.  You can expect amazing tips from Myleik.  My favorite episode is Mistakes I Made & How I ReboundedIt is inspiring since it teaches us to get up after failing.  Forging forward to that goal was highlighted in a very exceptional way.

Michael Hyatt’s this is Your Life is unparalleled.  Podcasts touch topics like leadership, motivation, character and how these affect one’s business and career.  All podcasts are provided with transcripts.  Michael Hyatt has an established career at Thomas Nelson Publishers. He is a former chairman and chief executive officer of said organization.  I recommend My Top 10 Productivity Hacks, this is truly a great find.  Increasing productivity is paramount to being successful in any endeavor we undertake.  I am sure you will also appreciate the content of this podcast.

The Public Speaker is awesome.The host and the woman behind The Public Speaker is Lisa B. Marshall.  She would usually share tips and techniques on how you can become a better communicator.  She believes that great businessmen are leaders who have exemplary communications skills. I find this one useful as I’ve learned a lot from it, How to be a great guest speakerSpeaking is not one of my best skills and listening to Lisa every now and then proved to be helpful.

These are the top in my list, be sure to drop by again for another list hopefully soon.

Are you fond of listening to podcasts?  Why not share it with me? I’d appreciate it a lot.